Friday, August 17, 2007

You say you want a revolution

Thanks to the unexpected addition of the HASS-D lottery results to my Freshman Advising Folder, I'm taking yet another break from my regularly scheduled packing to talk about my planned schedule for my fall semester. Which, incidentally, begins in less than two weeks. *boggle*

Disclaimer: Lots of numbers up ahead, which will probably make very little sense to you if you're not an MIT student. Also, I haven't really picked my classes yet, so nothing is set in stone - except for the last two courses because I've already lotteried into them.

Anyway, with no further ado, here's my projected schedule - with bullet points! Because I'm cool like that, yo.
  • 18.02 - Calc II (Multi-variable)
    • AP credit for the win. I doubt I'll take 18.022, especially if I take 8.012, but that's still a possibility. I ever so briefly considered doing 18.01A/18.02A to get Mattuck, but that's sort of a lousy reason to take a less-advanced class and I'm anxious for something new.
  • 8.01(2) - Physics I
    • I really want to take 8.012, not 8.01, because I've had a pretty solid background in physics from high school and I think I'd be able to handle a more advanced course. I'm not so sure about the whole "TEAL" thing 8.01 features, but hey, it could be fun.
  • 3.091/5.111/5.112 - Something Chem-y
    • Really, no clue what I'll be taking here. I'm drawn to 3.091 because I've been wanting to explore Course 3 anyway...but Chemistry was the first class I truly loved in high school, so I think 5.111/5.112 might be a better match for me in that regard.
  • 21H.001 - How to Stage a Revolution
    • Super excited about this course! This is my HASS-D/CI-H for the first semester, and I am stoked. Really, the course's name says it all - and what a fantastic name it is. I've always enjoyed history, but I'm more the kind of person who enjoys figuring out the "stories" or themes that tie different periods together (as opposed to blindly memorizing facts and dates), so I think this course is going to be right up my alley.
  • 16.A47 - The Engineer of 2020
    • My advising seminar, which I just learned I got into last Friday. I am pumped that I got this class. I could probably keep gushing, but this post is already obnoxiously long, so if you're interested you can just go here.
And all that adds up to 54 credits of Pass/No Record goodness.

Now, back to packing. Whee...


Kate said...

I am back, yet again, because I am a blog stalker. :)

How to Stage a Revolution is officially one of the best course names ever!

Paul said...

Haha, you're not a blog stalker, just a dedicated reader. That's what I tell myself anyway. :)

Milena said...

From what I hear, TEAL sucks. Hard. I'll try to get into ESG and do physics there, or else I'll be doing 8.01L... which is OK, since I want to do 18.01A :D

So anyway, this is about you, soooo either aim higher and do 8.012 or try ESG/Concourse.

Paul said...

Yeah, that was sort of my impression too, Milena. But I was trying to be optimistic. :)

Good call on ESG by the way, I totally forgot to mention I've been looking into that.

Wings said...

Aww Paul, why not do 18.01A/18.02A? It'll be a nice way to ease you into a completely new environment. You'll still take 18.03 (or, in any case, have a space freed up) in the spring. Nothing to lose!

I considered testing out of 18.01, but when I realized I couldn't get sophomore status whether or not I did, I decided I'm just as well either way.

Wings said...

Oops, just adding to the other comments...

I want to do ESG for physics and then chemistry - I'm hoping spring chem is OK in ESG, even though it's sucky regular. We shall see..

Shawn said...

What exactly is TEAL, by the way?
Heh, I looked up my courses on the course catalog and 3/4 of my classes are the same time. That sucks. I've been considering ESG for awhile, but I thought the classes seemed a little limiting and maybe slightly unstructured? Not entire sure, though. Starting to look at it again, though, since if ESG classes have different times than mainstream, maybe it will fix my problem.

Do we have to be in ESG to do 8.01X?