Friday, August 17, 2007

Mostly pointless

So for some reason Firefox is having a mental breakdown, and completely refuses to run Facebook properly. How could you do this to me, Firefox? Haven't I always been there for you? Wasn't installing you practically the first thing I did on my new computer? Wasn't it? WASN'T IT?

Meanwhile, in a spectacular piece of irony, IE7 displays Facebook perfectly.

Occasionally I hate my life. Or my computer. Or Firefox. Or all three.

Because the theme of this entry is pointless comments, here's a total OMG moment: High School Musical 2 premieres tonight! Will YOU be watching?

In other news, I've been saying goodbye to old friends and I won't even try to talk about that. Some can't really talk about, not honestly anyway; not on this sort of blog. So instead you just laugh at them, or bury them in a private part of your mind, but they're still there. And it's going to take time for me to move on. But I realized last night that saying goodbye isn't the end.

It's really just another beginning.


Anonymous said...

Goodbyes ARE hard. I haven't graduated yet, so my goodbyes aren't exactly the same, but it's really difficult to see senior friends (or freshman friends, I suppose) off to school and then realize that we won't be together for months.

On an unrelated note, my sister is actually going to a High School Musical party tonight. I'm not quite sure whether the idea of a High School Musical party is sad or funny. :)

Will you be tuning in to the Disney Channel?

Paul said...

I had that same problem. Because of the way my classes worked out, a lot of my really good friends were from the year above me. The great thing was that I saw almost all of them again this past summer, so I'm optimistic that the same thing will happen next year. It is difficult to see people leave, but you'll probably see your friends again too. :)

As for your other comment - embarrassingly enough, yes I will be tuning in tonight. My excuse is that I have three sisters and they're forcing me to watch it. :P

Actually, a year or two ago I went with a bunch of friends, male and female, to a party for the Season 2 premiere of The OC. That was sad.

Shawn said...

Or you can always make long, ansty livejournal posts about leaving your friends....not that I would ever do such a thing >_> <_<.

Eh, the vast majority of my friends already left, though, so I'm mostly done with my goodbyes. Except the family. Going out to eat Mexicans tonight, though, so we'll see how that goes. I don't expect there to be any tears. Maybe from my aunt, but she cries at Hallmark commercials. Oh well...I'm trying to focus on the exciting idea of starting MIT, rather than the depressing idea of leaving home.