Friday, August 3, 2007

Facebook is the new crack

Due to a combination of factors, which can basically be summarized as actually having a life outside of the Internet, I haven't been on Facebook for over 48 hours.

I must correct this fault immediately.

Even if it is one o'clock in the morning. It'll be good practice for next year.

In other news, Pandora just served up a really good song by a band called Anberlin, which I had never heard of happens with most bands I find through Pandora. The song's called "A Day Late" and is rather quite good...the only tiny, tiny problem is that I thought the lead singer was a girl at first. Am I dumb, or is this an understandable mistake? Frankly I think the lyrics make more sense from a girl's point-of-view anyway, since in my experience guys tend to be more likely to want to resurrect an old relationship than girls. Meh.

If you're intrigued, you can watch the music video on YouTube. The video itself is really nothing special, except that I absolutely love the idea of a room covered in Post-it notes. The possibilities for next year are endless...except that it'd probably be pretty hard to do in a curved room. And my roommate may not like it either. :D


Shawn said...

Facebook has eaten my life. It's rather sad, considering I so valiantly resisted the MySpace craze. Although I will be going a few days without Facebook in the near future. Not sure how that will work out *nervous look* haha.

And yay for becoming nocturnal.

Wings '11 said...


I used to be addicted to Myspace - that REALLY ate my life. I recently deleted it. I started Facebook a while back and it's ALMOST as addictive, but I like it much better than Myspace =)

Hawkins '12 said...

I love Anberlin! I have all three of their albums. Anyway... Facebook is mad addictive. You are spot-on.