Sunday, August 19, 2007

He said, I think I’ll go to Boston...

Hey guys, just a quick blog to say I am officially on my way to Boston.

It’s both amazingly crazy and wickedly exciting at the same time, but it’s the excitement I’d like to focus on for the time being. No more ridiculously emotional/melodramatic posts like last night’s breakdown, I promise. :)

For the record, though, I did indeed cry a little saying goodbye to my mom and my sisters earlier this afternoon. It was bound to happen.

Random interjection: sticklers for Augustana will notice that I'm misquoting their song slightly, because technically the lyrics go she said and not he said...but cut me some slack, okay? ;)

Back to the point, I’m currently at O’Hare Airport in Chicago, and my dad and I should be boarding in half an hour or so. My dad’s kind of confused that I’m blogging this, but he says hi anyway. Sadly, the weather is terrible - torrential downpour, basically - so our flight’s been delayed. Hopefully the airline gods will smile on us and we’ll get in at a relatively decent hour. Either way, looks like moving-in is probably going to have to wait until tomorrow. Another day, another adventure, right?

To all my fellow ‘11s, see you soon in Boston and MIT!

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Anonymous said...

O'Hare is one of my favorite has very clean bathrooms. (And yes, bathroom cleanliness is a deciding factor in the "favorite airport" competition.)

On a less goofy note, I'm glad to hear that you survived the difficult goodbye to your family.
:( That couldn't have been easy.

I hope you arrive in Boston safely...and good luck moving in!