Sunday, August 19, 2007

OMG BOSTON! First post!!1!1!

Hey again all, wanted to let you know I'm safe and sound Boston. I'm sure you were all very worried my plane was going to crash and burn, but fortunately that did not happen and I'm just fine. :D

On a more serious note, right now I'm in my hotel and the view simply is amazing. I can see the Great Dome, the Green Building, the Stata Center, the Charles, and (of course) the infamous Citgo sign. Not to mention quite a bit of, you know, the actual city of Boston. :)

I didn't get much accomplished today because I got in so late, but my dad and I still did quite a bit of walking around campus. Not only did we have dinner in the Student Center (mm, Anna's burritos...they remind me of CPW), we also went over to Simmons where I got my room key! I am that much closer to being an actual MIT student! Also, for the record, my room is gigantic, or at least it feels that way, which is definitely a plus. :)

More fun posts to come soon!


Snively said...

lol, here's how my conversation with Ben Jones went:

Me: Hi Ben!
Ben: Hey man, how's it going?! Why are you living in Burton-Conner, you can't do that!
Me: I'm screwed when it comes to blogging, aren't I?
Ben: Um, well, you have to wait for somebody from BC to graduate.
Me: That's in two years.
Ben: You can't live in BC!
Me: *sigh*

Yeah, that was a fun conversation, full of trodden hopes and, well, Ben was really cool (despite our unfortunate subject of conversation) and recommended a good restaurant.

Paul said...

Or you could, I don't know, murder Laura or something. She wouldn't be missed for at least a month. (Kidding!)

Anyway, seriously Snively, I know we're technically competing for the same spot and whatever - but you not being a blogger simply because of where you're living would NOT be cool. Sigh. Hopefully you can work something out. See you at DME I guess!

hawkins '12 said...

How many freshman bloggers do they admit? I hope to see you both get a spot. I have a blog that no one knows about, but I don't want to be an admissions blogger. I fully plan on freeloading and making "guest posts" on your blogs. =P

star said...

Yeah, you two would for sure be my top two choices! Good luck to you both, I hope to be reading lots of posts by the two of you in the comming year.

-- Star