Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Simmons, here I come!

Aaaaand the housing website and MIT facebook group GO CRAZY as everyone starts checking and posting their dorm lottery results.

As for me, I got in Simmons! My smile is a little large to confine to an electronic medium, but I think saying "woot woot!" comes close to describing my present state of mind. :)

I'm not going to publish my room number (because there could be crazy-stalker-types reading this blog, right?), but I will say I'm on the sixth floor.

Thank God there's an elevator.


Snively said...

B-C for me. . .w00t! except

hope of blogging

Paul said...

Nice, BC's a great place...

And although I understand where you're coming from, I wouldn't feel too bad about your blogging ambitions if I were you - most of the past bloggers have come from BC, after all.