Tuesday, July 10, 2007


So, in case you've been living under a rock for the past six months and haven't heard, tonight is the U.S. premier of the fifth Harry Potter movie.

And my friends and I - after camping outside the movie theater for weeks on end, fighting off hordes of crazed fans, and shelling out considerable cold cash - have tickets for the midnight showing.

In case it wasn't obvious, by the way, that's a blatantly fictitious story - except, sadly, for the part about the money. But it sounds much more exciting my way.

Anyway, to get to the point of this entry, the only minor drawback to this amazing opportunity is that - oh, right - I still have work tomorrow because someone decided to premiere this movie in the middle of the week.

Incidentally, I'm at work right now. But one of the great advantages of academia in general, and research specifically, is the tremendous amount of downtime. Which I am now putting to good use. I get another blog entry under my belt, you hopefully get some laughs or at least a smile - everybody's happy! Except maybe my professor, but fortunately he doesn't read this anyway.

But as I was saying, because I have work tomorrow, I have to be somewhat conscious about 7:30 in the morning. And since I know that coffee, Mountain Drew, and Red Bull are not, contrary to popular opinion, healthy alternatives to sleep, my schedule for the rest of the day looks something like this:

3:45 - stop slacking off and get back to work
5:00 - leave work
5:15 - get home
5:16 - fall asleep
10:30 - get up, get dressed, get out of the house, get in line
11:15 - theater starts seating
2:45ish - movie finishes, I drive home
3:00 - crash in my bed
7:30 - wake up and begin the day

Needless to say, I have both high hopes and high expectations for this movie. Here's wishing Order of the Phoenix will be worth sacrificing some sleep.


michelle nason '11 said...

Hey, I like your blogging style. And I actually was the person who waited for 12 hours in line to make sure our group had good seats all together for Harry Potter 5. I don't know what you thought, but I definitely thought the movie was worth sacrificing sleep. Best one yet in my opinion.

Paul said...

Hey Michelle, thanks! It's always nice to meet another '11 who likes Harry Potter. I mean, 12 hours, wow...that's dedication! I thought the movie was wicked, especially the dueling scenes. Absolutely the best one so far, and definitely worth sacrificing a little sleep. :) Now the only question is whether or not the next two movies can live up to this one!