Monday, July 2, 2007

Glimpses of what's to come

Random piece of news: today I signed up for the Reuse and Assassins' Guild mailing lists. I feel more and more like a real MIT student.

Also, while I was walking to lunch the other day, I came up with the most awesome idea for an entry. Or, rather, a series of entries.

First installment should be coming up soon. A tantalizing teaser: it deals with the Assassins' Guild.

In other news, if you'll permit me to brag a little, I called for my AP scores a few days ago. To quote something I posted to the MIT Facebook group:

AP practice materials: $20
AP test charge: $83
Getting your scores by phone: $8
Passing out of 18.01: priceless

Translation: I pulled out a 5 on BC Calc, which I am so happy about you cannot believe. I had always been very confident about how well I did on multiple-choice questions, so I guess that helped me. The free response questions, on the other hand? Not so confident. One of the questions, for example, featured what basically amounted to the Polar Equations From Hell. And since I had self-taught myself everything I knew about polars in the first place, I bombed that question in spectacular fashion. Thank God for generous curves. (That was not supposed to be innuendo. But I'm too lazy to change it, and anyway it kind of makes me laugh.)

I also got a 5 on English Literature. Which really makes me laugh, because it means all the time I spent on the FEE is now completely redundant. (I won't say it was wasted, exactly. Just redundant.) But I knew that when I took the FEE anyway.

Also, I think I've come up with a new name for the blog, which will be revealed shortly. I'm probably making it sound more dramatic than it really is, but whatever. For some reason the idea of a new name makes me very excited. Change can be good, I guess.

Meanwhile, I know there's a lot of bad stuff in the world that's probably more worthy of your and my attention, but this just strikes me as very sad.

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Snively said...

Wow, you had the same Calc BC experience as me, except I didn't mind the polar question at all and instead fell prey to the Taylor polynomial at the end. I'm glad I found your blog, it's one of the few that isn't hard to read content wise (ie no philosophical musings or complicated subject matter).

Sorry to hear about having to do the FEE AND AP English, that's unfortunate. Keep up the good blog!