Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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A collection of the innermost thoughts of Yours Truly - some serious, some funny, some utterly random.

- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was amazing. If for some crazy reason you haven't read it yet, I won't spoil any of it here, but there were some great plot twists. And quite a few of my predictions turned out to be right, which I really liked. The only sad part is that it's finally over.

- Whoever ordered all those powered gloves for my lab deserves to be shot. I hate powdered gloves.

- Maybe I'm on a sci-fi jag or something, but Tabula Rasa and Mass Effect both look very appealing to me right now. Only problem - apart from finding time to actually play them - is that Mass Effect's for Xbox 360, which I don't have and am unlikely to get anytime soon...but I'm sure there'll be someone at MIT who has one. *grin*

- Speaking of MIT - dorm assignments come out today! Just three hours to go now....I'm really hoping for Baker, my first choice, but I'll be pretty happy with Simmons or Burton-Conner as well.

- One of the subtle perks of going to MIT is that your relatives and friends will buy you books simply because they were written by MIT faculty. My aunt, for example, gave me John Maeda's Laws of Simplicity as part of my graduation present. It's a very good little book, and it's rather inspired me to look more deeply into the Media Lab over the next few years. I would really encourage you to buy it, or at least browse one of Maeda's two "simplicity" blogs.

- On a side note - my aunt also gave me a 120 GB external hard drive and some nice cold cash. She knows me so well. :)

- I've just started listening to Pandora Radio, and it is amazing.


Snively said...

We have the same top three dorms! Guess what? If we get into BC we're pretty much screwed when it comes to being an MIT blogger. I'm diggin' the idea of Baker or Simmons, but BC would be cool despite destroying blogging possibilities.

Oh, and HP 7 was awesome, I wear my red "Gryffindor" bracelet I got at the release all the time now.

Heidi Liu said...

Man, Pandora nailed down my three favorite groups...nice.