Friday, November 30, 2007

Goggle Lines

Since the first time since AP Chemistry my junior year, I once again have goggle lines from working at my UROP. I feel like such a nerd, and I'm not at all ashamed. ;)

So, first semester is almost over...mixed feelings there. It's getting more difficult for me to post long blog entries - partly because I have less time than I'm used to, but mainly because the entries I want to write tend to be on pretty complex subjects - so I hope you don't mind the short ones. ;)

Finals are coming up in just a few weeks, but I'm confident that I'll do all right if I take the time to study. All my classes have only or two p-sets left to turn in, and I have just one test left (18.02 on Tuesday!), so that's sort of strange to realize. It's been...a pretty crazy semester. Ups and downs all along the way, that's for sure. I'd have preferred a more level curve, but sometimes there's only so much you can do.

That's all I have time for now. Keep it real, guys. :)


Anonymous said...

goggle lines?

Paul said...

If you wear lab goggles for a while (or if they're really tight), they tend to leave lines around your eyes. I'll try and post a picture sometime. ;)

katekalb said...

What science student has not experienced the phenomenon of goggle lines?! I knew all too well what you were talking about, Paul. :)

PS) Yes. Real is how we will attempt to keep it.

Hunter '11 said...

I kept wondering what "google lines" were until I realized I kept reading it wrong...

Anonymous said...

hey don't act in such a condescending manner. not everyone uses goggles in science labs..not everyone is so delicate u see.Also not evryone here is probably so rich to go to a school that goggles in the lab, even if it's normal to do so in your country.

i thought so initially too :)

inquizitive prefrosh said...

can you temme what were the broad topics of the essays u sent to MIT?

Paul said...

@ Anon: I don't think Kate was trying to be condescending. But you're right, it's true that not everyone can afford to have goggles in their lab - if they can even afford a lab at all.

@ Prefrosh: For my main MIT essay, I chose Option A. I wrote about a time when my dad became very sick and, basically, probably should have died. Fortunately for me and my family, he survived. The essay was about that experience and what it taught me about the value of life. Although some people called it cliche, it was heartfelt - and that's really what matters the most.

For the optional essays, I wrote one about my scientific research and the other about a club I started at my high school.

Hope this helps! You can find a lot more advice about essays on the MIT Admissions web site.

katekalb said...

Chill out, anonymous. The comment was meant in a silly (and certainly not condescending) way.

And goggles aren't about "delicacy" wear them is to comply to scientific saftey protocol.