Saturday, November 24, 2007


Did you know that Indiana is the only Midwestern state that prefers the SAT over the ACT? 'Tis true.

In other news, I now feel like Sam.

In other other news, I'm home for Thanksgiving. Woo. Studying now (aren't I such a good MIT nerd?), Notre Dame game with the family later. Yes, in spite of this being the worst season in Fighting Irish history, everyone in South Bend still watches the games. It's not like we have anything better to do. ;)

More to say on this later, perhaps.


katekalb said...

While you were watching the Notre Dame game, I was finishing the Notre Dame application. Awesome, I know. :) are you hanging in there? (How is Edna, by the way?! lol)

Also, the college advice is a total repeat. However, it is good enough to warrant being repeated...thanks for sharing. :)

katekalb said...

Smiley overabundance. Sorry!

Paul said...

Nice job, I am amused. ;)

Everything is well with me. Not much to update you on. One happiness: I'm almost completely done with my huge 18.02 pset, and it's not even due until Thursday! This is a good thing, because Sunday/Monday/Tuesday are going to be absolutely horrible - chem test, bio test, and physics project - and dealing with calculus on top of that would absolutely suck.

Edna is fine, haven't heard much from her though. ;)

Glad you liked the advice post, but I'll readily admit it was indeed a repeat. I think I actually would have been sort of disappointed if you hadn't noticed. :D Although I did change tip #10 slightly. ;)

Star said...

I like the "did you know"s, you should start that up :)

In other news, haven't heard from you in forever, glad life's going well though... good luck with the Sunday/Monday/Tuesday from hell, and when you're done with all the work, let's see a great big blog entry :)

katekalb said...

Did you survive Monday, Pablo? ;) I was on a field trip (yay for AP English!) so my day was (relatively) stress free.

PS) That was a fascinating tidbit about Indiana. A lone lil' orange state in a sea of Midwestern blue. I'm glad I don't live there, as I am partial to the ACT.

And why are you like Sam?

Star said...

Sam used to start all his posts with a "did you know?" tidbit. Well, I'm assuming that's what he was reffering to.