Saturday, March 15, 2008

On dreams

In my application to be an MIT blogger, which feels like an age ago now, part of one of my essays read:

"The blogs truly mean something to me. They’re wrapped up part and parcel with why I fell in love with MIT in the first place. After I visited MIT in person for the first time, just over a year ago, the blogs became my lifeline back to Boston. Reading the blogs enabled me to feel like I was still connected to campus—like I was already a part of MIT.

I know that there are a lot of other students like me out there, kids who have only recently heard of MIT but are hungry to know more. I remember what it’s like to be in that position; I remember what it’s like to read the blogs and simply feel something click within yourself, when you realize that MIT is calling you. For me, in the end it always comes back to the students. Whether they’re from the Midwest or the Middle East, I want to make them feel welcome on the admissions site. As a blogger, I want to help them fall in love with MIT, just like I did."

A while ago, someone commented on one of my entries, "I am scared, I have fallen in love with a college to which I haven't even been admitted yet." And you know, that is exactly what happened to me last year. In the worked out. I was admitted, to MIT and to several other schools. I still chose MIT without hesitation.

But I can't wonder...what if I had not been admitted? What if I had been in the position that so many people, some of whom I know and some of whom may even be reading this, now find themselves in? How would I be coping? Would I believe what Stu said in the not-admitted letter, what Matt and Ben have said so eloquently so many times, what I tried to repeat and rephrase yesterday - "Please understand that this is in no way a judgment of you as a student or as a person, since our decision has more to do with the applicant pool than anything else."

It's hard, I listen to advice from someone who has something you dreamed of for so long, but ultimately could not attain.'s even harder, I think, for people like Matt and Ben to deny 7 out of every 8 applicant their dream of going to MIT.

Sorry if this isn't necessarily very clear or coherent. But I just had to say that.


Omar A. said...

Very good post! I have to say my stress exponentially increased upon reaching noon today. I still cannot imagine though how I would feel if I had been rejected. I guess I can only be glad that it did work out in the end :-)

De Petagma Saru said...

Great post Paul. Many times people do take it the wrong way. They do see it almost as a personal attack at times, and they need to know that it's not like that at all. Things have a way of working themselves out. Dozens of people who are prominent today probably didn't get into their dream school, but still ended up doing what they love, and doing it well. Sometimes people get a bit selfish about this and think that it's just about them, but they forget, like you said, about Stu, Ben, and Matt, who know about how awesome MIT is, but are required to tell a large portion of people that they can't come. It has to be a difficult position to be in, and I can understand it being stressful. I guess I've started to ramble on something ye already know though. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, thanks again for your support! It really did calm me down. And what you said about the blogs is so true for me. I feel like I've already been to MIT and its such a great feeling. I will be applying again next year, and hopefully I will have better luck this next time. Thanks again, and keep up the blogging :) it helps so much

Shruthi said...

I think you are a great guy :) Thanks! For all the support you showed, even though we didnt really know each other. Like you said, thats what makes not getting an acceptance from MIT more painful, at least for me. Because of you guys! I dont mean that in a resentful way :) Just that, we did fall in love with MIT, and it doesnt matter if we didnt get in, I still love the place! Perhaps a lot more now :)

Thanks Paul!

Shruthi said...

^I dont know if that came out the way I wanted it to. But what I meant was that all you guys, at the MIT Blogs gave us a glimpse into your life, as it was, the flaws and the perks, and thats what makes me love MIT more... :D I dont know if I phrased that properly before!

Shruthi said...

And do keep in touch if its possible! :)

libin said...

That was heart felt.
It's a dilemma that has astraight away answer: Forget and move ahead. But still I find myself asking the question "What if..."
Thanks for giving us more than a peek at the place to be.

Awake dreamer said...

That was heart felt.
It's a dilemma that has astraight away answer: Forget and move ahead. But still I find myself asking the question "What if..."
Thanks for giving us more than a peek at the place to be.

Aditi said...

great post :)

I knew about MIT but I fell in love with the place (It seems almost wrong to call MIT a place because MIT seems like a person. Oh wait that sounds crazy! oh well...!)

Thank you for all the amazing posts.

I feel like I know tons about MIT and I havent even set foot on campus.


Chris said...

Wow, your blogger application was so eloquent, haha.