Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gamers' delight

Starcraft II Zerg Revealed

This basically makes my night. Yes, everyone knew the zerg were going to be the third race; yes, everyone knew they were going to have hydraslisks and mutalisks (not to mention banelings and zerglings and...). It's nothing really new; but it's still exciting to see the official page be updated.

In other news, I have both played Brawl and seen the Brawl hack. Both are even more awesome in real life.


Justin said...

Wow, good ol' Star Craft! I haven't played that game in a LONG time, but it is a good one!

I really wish I had Brawl right now to take my mind off of the admissions... :( oh well, I'm busy enough as it is haha.

Shruthi said...

Ah well. I am sure Brawl isnt even going to be available here for a long time from now :(

Shannon said...

Your school = my school. The same people are on Debate, Quiz Bowl, Math Team (though less on that one, because it's by invitation and there are only 5 slots) and Science Olympiad. And we never have building events for Science Olympiad because we only study the night before, too.

Also, thanks.

Also also, probably not.

Also also also, it really does make you sound like a stalker. ;)

Justin said...

happy pi day!

Awake dreamer said...

Happy Pi day. Awaiting decisions..Hoping against hope that I would awaken the neighborhood. LOL..Are you still on CC?