Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Happy days

Three pretty awesome things happened today.

First, a few hours ago I had my third test at MIT, in chemistry...and I didn't die! No, seriously, I finished this test feeling very confident about how I had done, and I consider that a victory. Supposedly I'll find out exactly how I did tomorrow.

Second, I got my third physics p-set back today. I'm currently taking 8.012, also affectionately dubbed "Physics for Masochists," and for good reason. Without a doubt, 8.012 is my hardest class - but I got a 99 on the p-set.

Even though it's just one p-set, I'm elated, naturally, because those problems took me practically forever to finish - and yet clearly, the effort paid off. Just the same, I know I couldn't have done it without help - so if any of the friends I worked with happen to be reading this...thanks. :)

Finally, I don't want to give too much away just yet - so at the risk of sounding overly mysterious, you may want to try doing a little creative poking around the MIT Admissions site. You may be amazed at what you find. ;)


Isshak Ferdjani said...

if the mystrious thing is your entry, ive been refreshing like mad all day !!! when is it coming !!! if not, a little clue would be nice.

Isshak Ferdjani said...

HEY YOUR PROFILE IS UP !!!! I JUST NOTICED !!!! yay ! ill be back to cmment it in a few minutes ^^

Isshak Ferdjani said...

"A year ago, I dared to dream that I might get into MIT. Now that I'm actually here, the reality is even more fantastic than I ever could have imagined."
Now that's great litterature ! ^^
Er, where was your picture taken ? In Simmons ? (great bio by the way, the best so far, along Nance's).

Star said...

Good job, great job, and AMAZING job :) It's great that you're doing so well with the MIT work, a million congrats for that.

AND the MIT bio, yes! Although I seem to recal reading some of it on this blog ;) Great introduction though, and I like the "dare to dream". Plus, Dr. House is my idol :)

So... you planning on getting post number 2011? Cuz it's the next one (hint, hint).

Isshak Ferdjani said...

OMG she's right ! go go go ! (and yes, some of the bio does ring a bell ^^)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty psyched to see that you finally have a profile page on the MIT Admit Blogs! Yay, fun! :)

Hopefully you'll have a post soon, too! Have a great rest of your day!

--The Fellow Midwesterner

Paul said...

Thanks everybody, I really appreciate all your kind words. I'm planning on posting by this weekend - and although I was aiming for #2011, someone already beat me to it. (Kind of. Actually, Ben cleared out some junk entries from the blogs, so we're down to just about 2000 real entries now. There is hope yet!)

And Star, you're exactly right - I did reuse a few stories from this blog to make my bio. But they were mine to begin with, so it's okay. :P

Thanks again, and I hope to see all your comments on the real site soon. :D

Anonymous said...

YAY! YOUR PROFILE IS UP!!! But I'm confused - where is the picture? In Stata??

Junk entries?

Arkajit said...

lol, yes start posting soon -- you have a 4-day weekend, be prolific =P

and yeah i think you're right melissa, it looks like stata especially the weird angle of the walls outside the window