Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hacks and Sox and P-sets, Oh My!

As I've said before, hacks make me happy. Well, MIT has been hacked twice in the past twelve or so hours. Plus, the Red Sox won, which was (on one level) the entire point of the hacks. So all of these things combined make me very, very happy.

Unfortunately, I also have two p-sets due tomorrow. This makes me very sad. It's not that I dislike p-sets in general, or even that I'm afraid I won't get them done. But blogging was so much easier when I didn't have p-sets to do as well. :P

Speaking of p-sets, though, I nearly forgot, I got a perfect score on the last 8.012 p-set! Part of me is dancing inside, the other half is going, "How did I pull that off?" Maybe it's because I understand momentum and energy much better than polar coordinates, maybe it's because I have amazing luck with finding study groups, maybe I'm just working harder than before, maybe it's a combination of all three? Ah well - I blog, you decide. ;)

Back to the topic of hacks, since I don't have bio recitation today, I'll probably be using part of that extra hour to update this blog - so keep an eye out for a few pictures of the hacks this afternoon. As for the actual MITblogs, my second entry there is in the works as well. In the meantime, please accept my humble apologies for being such a bad blogger. ^_^


Star said...

Hey Paul, glad to see a post :) but no worries about the long hiatus - I can see how p-sets and life at MIT can sort of take over. Congrats on the perfect score though, that's awesome! And yes, hacks are definitely amazing. So looking forward to your next post on the MIT site.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, the lack of recitation was nice, especially since my archery PE is over - meaning I slept until noon!

L said...

oi - so, as promised, i'm in the stalker-like process of reading every blog every blog entry you've written...

belated congrats on the good pset score. my vote is for the amazing study group.

+3 cool points for referencing something i can personaly identify. (but who's counting?)