Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rain King

By three o'clock, what started as a foggy, cold, but generally acceptable day in Boston had turned into a full-fledged downpour. I know this because I spent about ten minutes walking through said downpour with no jacket, no rain boots, and certainly no umbrella, wending my wet way from Building 34, down Vassar and Main, and into the Kendall Coop.

Which is an amazing store, by the way. Two floors full of more textbooks, academic tomes, magazines, fiction, nonfiction, and MIT apparel than you could ever fully appreciate. It also happens to be attached to a fairly decent food court - whoever planned the building obviously knew what they were doing.

Getting back to my point, I was at the Coop for two reasons - one, to pick up a book for practice problems for 5.112, which had been out-of-stock when I visited the first time last Friday. And second, to buy my books for 7.012.

It's official: I'm dropping my HASS and taking Biology instead. As I've said before, I really don't want to drop my HASS, because it's an amazing class (and also much less demanding than 7.012), but that's the only way I can keep my advising seminar. C'est la vie, I suppose. Hopefully I'll be able to take it next year.

By the way, when I say "it's official," I suppose I mean it's only "blog official" - you know, sort of how a boyfriend/girlfriend suddenly become "Facebook official." I still have to finish my Add/Drop Form, but I've already gotten it signed, so really there shouldn't be any problems.

Just to wrap up my Coop story, while I was on the lower level getting my books - still dripping from head to toe, mind you - I had the incredibly good fortune of running into Taylor '11. I'd met Taylor quite randomly during REX at the "Next House of Waffles" and, in the manner of random friends, we've been seeing each other at odd places ever since. This was fortunate for me because Taylor, being cleverer than most freshmen (read: me), had realized he could use MIT's infamous tunnels to walk all the way from Lobby 7 to the Coop and only have to go outside once, to cross Main Street.

The trick, by the way, is to use MIT Medical as your other entrance/exit to the tunnels. Ingenious indeed.

While still at the Coop, Taylor and I also ran into Rachel '11, a fellow Simmons resident and DME alum - who was kind enough to lend me her umbrella while we were walking back to our home sweet sponge, since she had a raincoat anyway. Thanks Rachel. :)

So there's my rain-related drama for today.

Other drama: I have four p-sets due this week. One Thursday, and three Friday.

I've already started all of them (except for 7.012, since I just got it). So I'm reasonably confident I'll get them done. And I know this is nothing compared to later. But it's still pretty ridiculous.

By the way, before I forget, to answer a question Star had: due to MIT regulations, freshmen are not allowed to move into any FSILG (fraternity, sorority, or independent living group). Although the rule's fairly new, I'm quite happy here in Simmons, so I don't really mind. The only real problem with Simmons is that it's so far away; but then again, Phi Kappa Sigma is all the way across the river...so it's not exactly close either. ;)


Heidi Liu said...

I got drenched too...dannnnng.

Hunter '11 said...

Ah, I have 2 psets due tomorrow and 1 Friday, as well as a lot of reading for my HASS class. Oh well =P I kinda wish I could do both bio/chem, but I really like my HASS class. Oh well =]

Oh, and I started a new blog. Yay!

Kate said...

Hey Paul! Bummer that you got caught in the rain. Being from the Midwest, you should be used to sudden changes in weather! (Or maybe it's just my state?!)

Anyway, my latest post says goodbye, but I'm not actually leaving the blog word all together. I won't be able to post new material, but I'm still going to comment.

Just thought I'd let you know! :)

Isshak Ferdjani said...

You have 4 p-sets ? Are they hard ?
And thanks by the way for the info on SAT Chem, but I already knew about that one. I thought you were going to tell me something sneaky that can happen in the test. But thanks anyway !