Sunday, September 30, 2007

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays

So today two of my very good friends turned 19, these two friends being Snively, whom you probably know, and Tim, whom you probably don't. Tim doesn't have a blog though, so I can't introduce you to him, even though he's a pretty cool guy. Sad face.

Anyway, I ended up helping celebrate Snively's birthday first - at midnight, to be precise. Sam and Jordan, two of my best friends here, happen to live on Conner 2, the same floor of Burton-Conner as Snively and Laura (and, in days of blog-stalking yore, Sam and Mitra). For reasons which I will explain later, I was hanging out on Conner 2 last night, and therefore was in prime position to witness firsthand one of Conner 2's traditional birthday celebrations. Like all Conner 2 birthday parties, Snively's birthday began promptly at midnight with a few people running through the entire floor yelling "Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!" In this manner, the faithful residents of English House were all brought together into the floor lounge, where a lovingly-baked chocolate cake awaited, five colorful candles burning brightly with the promise of another fun-filled year in Snively's life at MIT.

I just made that last part up on-the-spot, by the way. In case you couldn't tell.

Anyway, after singing a very off-key, off-pitch, and off-beat version of "Happy Birthday," we caked Snively, which basically means that Laura stuffed a huge piece of cake down Snively's throat and nearly choked him to death, which would have been sad indeed, but fortunately Snively managed to swallow and thereby ensured Laura would not be sued for murder of the caketh degree.

After a brief and, er, wet interlude, Snively got his presents, which fit him perfectly. But I'll let him blog about these because they're his presents, after all.

So that's Snively's birthday. As I said before, you don't know Tim (sadly, he's no relation to Tim Beaver) but his birthday was today too. As Tim lives in Simmons with me, we had a traditional Simmons birthday, which means we did whatever we felt like at the time, which happened to be play Monopoly and order pizza. It was actually pretty enjoyable.

We also celebrated my birthday last week, and it was amazing. Family, friends, great gifts - what more could a guy want? Never fear that I'm being too vague, I'll be blogging about my own fantastic 19th birthday later, when I have more pictures and I don't have a biology test to study for.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness that's not all we get to hear about your birthday...sheesh. You were being vague-er than I am!

Caking sounds like good fun!

Snively said...

Caking is definitely good fun, except, like Paul said, I almost died. The piece of cake filled my entire mouth and half my throat, resulting in a lot of gagging and an eventual swallowing of said cake.

As for presents that I got, I may or may not blog about them right away, so I'll just post some links:

It was good birthday, somewhat ruined by physics, but good nonetheless.