Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Social plans

Wednesday: Firefly at Skullhouse
Thursday: Dennis' birthday party at Ginza in Boston (7 pm)
Friday: Fourth of July! Sleeping in and fireworks

In the meantime, my pet projects currently include continuing to learn LaTeX (with the eventual goal of making a few important documents - my resume, Skullhouse's bylaws - into .tex files), playing around with PostScript and Python, and catching up with summer reading. Not to mention blogging, of course (the third installment of "In Their Words," something about Guildcamp, etc.)

Should be a good week.


Omar A. said...

OMG i need to learn LaTeX too. Are you liking it so far? Idk if I could ever leave the safety of Microsoft Word.

Anonymous said...

I need to learn LaTex. And watch Firefly. Hrm...