Friday, May 2, 2008

And so the weekend begins...

Off to Steer Roast.

Should be fun!


Charlemagne said...

in my opinion, it would have to be a different force than the ones known. The term "new" is an uncomfortable one since by definition this is the force the predates all of the other ones we've since discovered, but none the less I do believe that this "force" is the one which all of the other ones must be derived from. If the primordial force were say, gravity, then the pre-universe would be condensed to a singularity as an infinite mass infinitely decreases in radial distance, it's not hard to see that the formula for gravitational force also approaches infinity by l'hopital's rule. This means that the primitive universe would be ever condensed to a singularity, which causes a problem for it's existence, after all, what could drive an explosion greater than an infinite gravitational force? I believe the unifying force is the marriage of time,matter,and energy into one cohesive equation, which would then explain how and why every other force is derived.

Karen said...

tasty, tasty cow.

...says the vegetarian, lol


i'm trying to take the seriousness down a notch after chris's intense post :)