Monday, December 31, 2007

New Look for the New Year

So, as you hopefully noticed, Emergent has a new look. Hopefully you like it. I did enjoy the last one, but I you get a little tired of seeing the same thing for six months straight. So - inspired in part by Melissa's latest post - I started surfing the available templates when I saw...this one. It was like love at first sight. There was music in the air, the flowers burst into bloom. This wasn't just love, it was lust. The template I desired was perfect, it was classy, it was well-organized, and - the coup de grace, the piece de resistance - it was MIT's colors. But, unlike this deliberately over-dramatic retelling, the template reflected MIT's colors in a sophisiticated, even subtle, way.

Probably because so few people actually know what MIT's colors are. ;)

But I digress.

On a separate but related note, crazy to think that I've been at this blogging gig for six months already. Yes, I know some of you have been blogging for years, and I can't even remember when I began my first online journal - but Emergent is the first blog I've really cared about, that I've really been willing to show people. Where I feel like I have things to say that people will actually find interesting.

I'm under no illusion that you all find every post I make interesting, of course. No one blog can please everybody. But I'm happy with what I've done with Emergent. Even though it is sort of silly that we focus on just one day as the "new year," when really each day is just as important as the last or the next, I have to admit I'm looking forward to 2008.

Let's make it a good one. :)


Anonymous said...

I do like the new blog layout/theme. I myself have been changing my blog's theme so frequently lately that I lost track of all the themes I've used, haha, not really but almost.

Hope you have a blast tonight! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

is it #993333 and #666666?

looks a tad darker on both accounts

unacceptable if not

katekalb said...

Cheers to a new blog format, and to 2008 (the year I finally graduate and go to college!) YAY!

katekalb said...

PS) I liked your transition post.

Anonymous said...

didn't you leave on the 19th? so you haven't sorted the mail since long before christmas, buddy

c'mon, keep yourself accountable =D

Aditi said...

i love the colors :)
yay mit :) (i hope i get there!)

CresceNet said...

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Isshak Ferdjani said...

Hm well, nice layout. I am going to change too this year, like updating my blog for a start !